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Pottery and Glass Salad Bowls
We have a very large range of different Hand Made Salad Bowls available in Glass and Pottery.  Below are just a few examples.  We have different variations and sizes available.
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Glass Salad Bowl or Centre Piece

Unique Handblown Glass Bowl. Width=45cm, Height=16cm
Dandelion Bowls

Small Snack Bowls - hand made by using glass fusing - diameter=11cm
Salad Bowl

Unique African Pottery Salad Bowl. Available in different patterns. Diameter=29.5cm, Height=12.5cm.
Square Pottery Salad Platter

Hand Made Square Pottery Salad Platter in Presentation Box.
Handmade Glass Bowl with metal inlay

The history of glass fusing and slumping dates back as far as 2000BC. This artform is today enjoying a revival.
Unique Pottery Salad Bowl

Hand Made Pottery Salad Bowl - each one unique - different designs available, packed in a Presentation Box.
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