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We have a very large range of Gift Packs available.  Gift Packs can also be made up according to your specific requirements.
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Aroma Gift Pack

White Pottery Aroma Burner with 1 Wax Melt, 1 Fragrance and 2 Tealights
Salt Gift Pack

Oryx Salt, Hand Made Salt Bowl, Bag of Course Salt, One Salt Grinder, Stainless Steel Salt Spoon.
Fragrance Rose

Decorative Bottle with Rose, including Small bottle of Rose Fragrance Spray in Silk Lined box.
Ladies Gift Pack

Polyester Silk/Cotton Scarf, Hand Cream and a Pearl Bracelet, packed in a recyled tube.
Pashmina packed in Recycled Box

Pashmina packed in Recycled Box with Crystal Heart and Ribbon.
Ethnic Olive Gift Pack

Unique Pottery Olive Dish with Olive Spoon, 2 Jars of Olives, Tin of Olive Oil and Olive Recipes in Presentation Box.
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