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Genuine Leather Pack-Away Hats
The Pack-A-Way is a quality design that simply folds up into a bag in 3 easy steps. Available in a fullgrain leather (1.4mm), oily suede or with a Breezy crown. Pack-A-Way hats are ideal for easy travel packing and storage.  A MUST for a holiday in the African bush.
Pack-A-Way Nomad (Oxblood)

170X Pack-A-Way Nomad (Oxblood) - 1.4mm fullgrain leather Medium brim.
Pack-A-Way Bush Hat (Choc)

171C Pack-A-Way Bush Hat (Choc) - 1.4mm oily suede leather Medium brim.
Pack-A-Way Breezy (Choc)

173C Pack-A-Way Breezy (Choc) - 1.4mm oily suede leather with cotton mesh.
Pack-A-Way Breezy (Oxblood)

173X Pack-A-Way Breezy (Oxblood) - 1.4mm fullgrain leather with cotton mesh.
Hat Bag

Pack-A-Way Muslin Hat Bag - ideal for easy travel packing and storage.
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